Monday, 4 March 2013

Easy Crochet Lace Headband Pattern

With spring coming up here in the UK (spring being no different to winter whatsoever), we decided to do some spring themed patterns, and to start things off we went with a nice girly lace headband.

This project is very quick to do, it can easily be finished in 10-20 minutes and looks great in a variety of colours.

Although not included in the following pictures, we added accessories to our headbands to jazz them up a bit, on one we put a crocheted daffodil, following the spring theme of course, and on another we added a crocheted bow.

(please comment below if you would be interested in a daffodil/rose/bow crochet tutorial!)

There is a large opportunity for you to get creative with this pattern :) customize it and make it your own to suit any occasion!

Chain 16
Row 1: Skip the first 3 chains, slip stitch into 4th chain - *chain 4 skip 3 chains and slip stitch into 4th chain* continue until end of row, chain 4 and turn.

At this point you should have 4 loops
Row 2: *Slip stitch into the first loop (ch 4 space) and chain 4* repeat to the end of the row, chain 4 and turn.

Row 3-62: Repeat row 2

Note: Please increase/decrease the amount of rows depending on the size of your head!

This pattern makes the headband incredibly stretchy to keep checking to make sure its the right length as you go along.

Finish off, leave a long tail.

Taking a tapestry needle, thread it on to the tail you left,

lay the two ends of the headband together and sew them together.

One lace headband :) easily done in under half an hour!

As always, Please feel free to comment and tell us how you customized your headband for spring :)